Life isn't always easy...

There are tons of highs and lows. 

Sometimes the lows hit hard, but you are not alone...

75% of University Students feel the same way. 

We hear you. We know how you feel and we want to help.

Ask For, and Lend Help

Receive help from users with comparable experiences or lend advice to someone going through a similar situation!

Shared experience-based connections

Sharing your life experiences- highs and lows- helps other people feel less alone. Share your stories, and what you learnt! 

Unlike Reddit & other open communities, our algorithm will only let you match you with people who have gone through similar experiences. 

Speed Rant

Ever had something you can't share with anyone? Have Speed Rant take you through breathing exercises and allow you to rant your heart out- completely anonymously. 

You can also challenge your friends to see who rants more during the week! 


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