Making asking for Help easier

Why we made FullCircle

We are broke college kids
We're frustrated with spending $$$ on therpaists
We're tired of mental health stigma, and how hard it is to ask for help
We believe that everyone's life experiences can teach us something
We believe in a better solution to the mental health crisis
We dream of a world where asking for, and lending help is easy.

What our early users say about us

I didn’t want to talk to people about my issues if they can’t relate to my life experiences. FullCircle was invaluable to me for that reason.

FullCircle provided me personal space to reflect on my life experiences.  I was also able to feel safe sharing these- it's awesome. 

The  prompts to ask for help are spot on and make me feel  comfortable 

reaching out for help- I love the app!

I realized that I didn't have to be a content creator or an influencer to help others after using FullCircle. My life experiences helped someone else on the app.

The speed ranting game in the App is super cool. It lets me vent out my frustration in a fun way by keeping track of my ranting time. I challenge my friends to rants all the time!


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