We are broke college kids
We're frustrated  for being forced to spend $$$ on therapists
We're tired of mental health stigma
Counseling wait times at universities are too long
We’re GenZ, and our therapists don’t seem to understand what our problem really is
We believe that everyone's mental health, and story matters
We're irritated with the old, one-size-fits-all solution to mental health problems
We know that everyone's life story can help us grow
We believe in a better solution to this crisis
We dream of a world where asking for help is easy.

We stopped making turbines at FullCircle and started creating solutions for Mental Wellness. Solutions that would REALLY work.

For Gen Z, By Gen Z.

Creativity is the solution.

We want you on our team.


We are unique, but share the same passion.


Ananya Jain


Shubham Pandey


Madhav Baveja

PHOTO-2020-10-10-11-26-17 copy.jpg

Justin Jain


Dhruv Bhargava

Jay Sheth

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